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They can"t reveal it or they will get a wedgie from the other. Follows the series, starting at iThink They Kissed. Dog Days by Nature reviews When a magical device goes wrong, Freddie must try and figure a way back to normal. Along the way, he must rediscover himself and question all that he knew about those around him. Benson reviews Sam and Freddie thought they were forcing a connection that wasn"t there, however three weeks after the break up an accident will show them how mistaken they were. A story that shows just how hard it is to forget. When this silent child is revealed to be connected to Sam, Freddie wants to find her even more, not knowing the danger of the situation iCarly - Rated: That"s right, I died. Though everyone is certain that I commited suicide, I am going to prove them all wrong.

Icarly freddies mom finds out hes dating sam. List of iCarly characters

Sam goes online to TheSlap. The group, including Gibby, decide to drive down to Los Angeles and crash a party at Kenan Thompson"s house that Andre is holding to find out if Steven is really cheating on Carly. But before they arrive at the party, they get professional disguises for the party in case anyone recognizes the iCarly gang which would cause major distractions. They stop at the house of Moni, who was Spencer"s past girlfriend and is also a celebrity makeup artist.

Moni, though still angry at Spencer for backing a car over her, transforms them into different looking people.

Sam had left to go on a date with Brad. Sam and Brad had been going out for about two weeks now. She realized that she was not in love with Freddie, she was in love with Brad.

Schneider originally wanted to make a new TV series starring Miranda Cosgrove; the original idea was that she play a normal girl who, in a twist of fate, gets cast to star in her favorite TV show, Starstruck. In November , Schneider threw out his Starstruck script and wrote a new pilot called iCarly during December. The pilot was shot in January He was trying to think of a good title for the new series about kids who start their own web show. Schneider tried other girl"s names and bought the URL for iJosie, but later switched to iCarly and loved the name for the lead character.

The names of the two lead girls were then changed from Sam and Kira to Carly and Sam. I would be willing to do the show as long as people like it and as long as it works. I can"t wait to get back. I"m really comfortable doing iCarly. It"s like my home away from home.


After seeing the girls" strong chemistry and banter, the online audience clamors for more, and the iCarly webcast is introduced. Carly lives in Seattle with her year-old brother and guardian Spencer, and produces the show in a makeshift third-floor studio loft in their apartment. Their father, Steven Shay, is a U. Air Force officer stationed on a submarine and is often mentioned, but is only seen during the series" finale episode,"iGoodbye".

Icarly Sam And Freddie, Icarly Carly, Icarly And Victorious, Nathan Kress, Zoey , Tv Couples, Disney Channel, Relationship Quotes, Relationships Find this Pin and more on Sam Puckett x Freddie Benson by Raenesha Clifton.

SeddieBenett Carly left for Italy a while ago. Perhaps not much is different, after all. Ends on a"cliff-hanger question" on purpose. Tonight he was off on a date with a girl he"d met at the mall a week ago. He stared at how handsome he actually looked in the mirror, and gulped nervously. He could do with some girly advice about how to impress this girl.

Carly Shay

Fridge Brilliance Especially in the beginning, you were actually given a chance to make a cameo in the show. It makes the show more unique to know you could star on what eventually became one of the most popular shows. In"iHate Sam"s Boyfriend" Jonah and Sam are ridiculously lovey-dovey with pet names, hand holding, the works.

Samantha"Sam" Puckett is one of the title characters and one of the main protagonists on the show alongside Cat is a continued character from iCarly.. Sam .

Freddie wearing one of his usual shirts, a penny tee. Freddie is very intelligent and is shown to be a bit of a"geeky, but cool" person who can get excited about anything that has to do with technology. He is also a member of the A. Club in school, along with being a fan of World of Warlords parody of World of Warcraft. Because of his love for computers, he became iCarly"s technical producer, the one who builds and operates the technical equipment on iCarly. Freddie does have a somewhat devious side, especially when he wants to get back at Carly or Sam for something.

Freddie likes to believe that he is"bad", but his pranks and wrongdoings usually backfire somehow, leaving him as squeaky-clean as ever. His interest is also shown in the decoration of his room and the fan-talk they share after Spencer buys a"Proton Cruiser" spaceship. In iHeart Art and iWas A Pageant Girl , he mentioned that he visits the Galaxy Wars Convention, and he has also been shown to have a laser gun and a stun blazer which he shocked himself with when he thought he was dreaming.

In iFence , it was shown he has great talent for fencing - just like his ancestors and his mother. However, his fencing has not been mentioned since, and it is likely he quickly lost interest in it. His mother also takes him to different sports activities, like synchronized swimming or tennis, much to his embarrassment.

IDate Sam & Freddie

A girl getting a shoulder wedgie in her yellow and animal print thong making her get a wedgie from all sides. There are uncountable variations of the regular wedgie, and this is a list of a few. The victim"s underwear is pulled up from all sides. Usually performed by at least two people. As seen in the picture. Arm-Leg Connection One person pulls near their leg while one pulls on their legs.

Fredward"Freddie" Benson (born on February 4, ) is Carly"s apartment neighbor, best friend and ex-boyfriend who lives across the hall from her in Bushwell Plaza. He is iCarly"s technical producer and is also Sam"s best friend/frienemy.

Her hair is usually in curls, but was previously seen staright. As of Season 4, she began wearing more makeup. She usually wears quite girly clothes. During the first seasons of iCarly ,she was the tallest member of the iCarly gang, surpassing Sam , Gibby and Freddie and now stands at 5"7" and is now the second talllest, though she is quite short, her brother stands at 6"2" Her cheeks were noticably bigger during the first season of iCarly, when she was Her eyes are brown and is attractive to many boys, as seen throughout the series.

She seems to be the only iCarly member who cares about thier appearance, too much, as she often puts on makeup, when boys are coming. She is often offended,when people talk about her weight, especially Spencer , iGo Nuclear , iHalfoween Personality Edit Carly is a kind, easy-going, innocent, caring, and beautiful person who would do anything for her friends, yet she is sometimes insensitive by accident.


She may have had some trouble with the law and basically every person she met, but the girl kept ribs in her purse. And if that"s not heroic, well, what the heck is? Jennette McCurdy, the actress who brought Sam and her love of smoked meats to life, is now turning 23 on Friday, June Here are 8 behind-the-scenes secrets from"iCarly," according to Sam Puckett herself: Sam"s famous butter sock was actually filled with batteries.

Yep, that’s right. We’re talking about that central love triangle between Carly, Sam and Freddie. Even though the show ended for multiple reasons, the spirit of iCarly managed to live on. Of course, Jennette McCurdy continued to portray Sam in Sam & Cat, while Miranda Cosgrove went off to college.

Ebenezer Blackwater , The Undead Martyr , tankdrop24 and 24 others like this. Controller The God of Terror Even before finding out about Dan Schneider"s extreme foot-obsessed creepiness Dan, I"m not trying to kinkshame you, but you"re 51 for fuck"s sake, look for feet belonging to women around your own age to obsess over , I always thought iCarly was a pretty awful show, but there was one particular episode that stuck out to me as being especially heinous, that being the crossover episode iMeet Fred.

The worst part about it, surprisingly, is not the fact that it"s a crossover with fucking Fred of all things although it isn"t technically a crossover as the Fred series itself is still fiction within the iCarly universe, and it"s Lucas Cruikshank himself that they actually meet , but rather its rancid and backward sense of justice. The episode"s plot kicks off when Freddie dares to commit the cardinal sin of stating an opinion contrary to those held by the majority, when he says that he doesn"t find Fred videos funny when asked about them in an iCarly video.

That was it; he didn"t attack Cruikshank"s character, he didn"t attack his fans, and you can just barely make the argument that he even insulted the videos themselves, all he did was state his subjective opinion that he doesn"t think they"re funny. In response to this, Cruikshank throws a massive in-character tantrum over Freddie"s statement which was pretty fucking mild compared to many of the actual comments you can find on Fred videos, mind you , and declares that he"s never going to make another Fred video ever again.

This then causes everyone at school to hate the iCarly trio, mostly Freddie, because apparently every other student at their school is a Fred superfan whose mother and father were also brother and sister.

[HD] iCarly -"iDate Sam and Freddie" Official Promo

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